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Gay massage in Barcelona

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Gay erotic massage

As you can guess from the name, this very special massage service is an intimate treat for men, performed by a male masseur. And that's me, the guy on the picture: Paco!

Reasons to enjoy an erotic massage

There are as many reasons as personal wishes and needs. It might be late night or early morning now and you just landed in Barcelona. In order to get to sleep you might need a blissful massage to relax both your body and mind.

Or you just fancy a wonderful release, not just a quick jerking but an elaborate bodywork. Or just for the sake of it! Because you are worth it ;-)

Respect yourself...

...and your hard earned cash! Money is not growing on the trees. Wasting money in cheap massages is just that: a waste. Finding cheaper masseurs is easy.

But are they worth it?

Please ask yourself first if it's that what your body and mind deserve.

Advantages of erotic massage

Erotic massage has all the benefits of therapy massage. Plus many others. Like sensuality, sweetness, intimate communication, physical release, and emotional balance. It is about pleasure, your pleasure, your satisfaction.

Hotel massage

I can travel to your hotel in Barcelona. I never charge additional taxi fares. Prices are exactly the same. I am absolutely discreet and bring everything we need along with me.

Massage in my studio

I will be happy to welcome you at my studio in a very central location in Barcelona. On a broad and well known avenue close to Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça Catalunya. Really convenient!

Premium service

Erotic massage is not a priority service. You can't compare it to a medical therapy. It is a luxury service for your enjoyment.

Since it is inside the category of luxury I offer it as a premium service. For elegant businessmen who know what they want and usually get it.

I take care of all the little details to save you trouble. Your comfort, your convenience and your pleasure are my goals.

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